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Rismat (FloorGuard) Matting Systems Inc.

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Rismat (FloorGuard) Matting Systems Inc.


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Contact Troy Pulchinski for more information. Email: or cell: 905-926-4475

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Why US?

Many matting manufacturing companies in the world produce matting exclusively for floor protection; nearly any kind of matting will protect the floor beneath it. FloorGuard believes that a good matting system should go beyond protection, and trap all foreign particles, moisture and grease coming in to your facilities. Different areas in a building require different functionality from the mats. Beacuse of this, we design and manufacture complete matting systems for all areas of a building. Our matting is widely used in many 5 - 6 stars hotels, large shopping facilities as well as large commercial buildings. FloorGuard has applied this technology to home use in our Residential line of mats.

Rismat(FloorGuard) Matting Systems Inc.